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Global Law Society

The inter-disciplinary objectives of the World Council for Law Firms and Justice are represented by the Global Law Society (GLS). As the committee ranking above the specialised professional and regional organs of the WCLF, the GLS avails of their structures in pursuing the following objectives:

harmonisation of international legal systems
world-wide standardisation of legal training
encouragement of young lawyers by means of a Summer Law School accessible to all nationalities
establishment of a legal Davos

The close intermeshing of both organisations ensures that the Global Law Society, as a "Think Tank“ of the WCLF is always informed first hand of important international developments and current concerns. In return, the GLS provides pioneering impulses for the professional work of the WCLF.

Director General


Prof. Karl Ajami PhD, JD, LLM, MCIArb, PGDLP, BPC, BA, Brisbane
Prof. Stephen Blythe PhD, PhD, JD, LLM, LLM, MBA, BSc, Abu Dhabi
Prof. Dr. David C. Donald PhD, JD, LLM, Hong Kong
Prof. Christine H. Farley JSD, JD, LLM, BA, Washington
Prof. James Feinerman PhD, JD, BA, Georgetown
Prof. Andrew Guzman PhD, JD, BSc, Berkeley
Prof. Eric Heinze PhD, JD, Maîtrise, London
Prof. Herbert Hovenkamp PhD, JD, MA, BA, Iowa
Prof. Dr. Dr. Philip Langbroek, Utrecht
Prof. Stewart Malawer PhD, JD, MA, Virginia
Prof. Dr. Dr. V. Mazzuoli LLM, BA, Cuiabà
Prof. Luis Maria Palma PhD, PhD, JD, Buenos Aires
Prof. Alonso Villarán Contavalli PhD, JD, MA, BA, Lima