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Networking Opportunities

As a closed network free of advertising, the World Council for Law Firms and Justice e.V. offers its members exclusive access to knowledge and quality connections. The online tools in the members’ area are designed to facilitate easy and direct contact to international experts who can be easily found due to the network’s straightforward structure. Forums for internal discussion among members as well as questions and suggestions are provided.

The members of the WCLF support each other in their personal development and professional careers. A mentoring programme for young professionals and a job board help promoting and attracting young talents. Internal marketing workshops communicate valuable knowledge and serve as incubators for co-operations between members.

To its members, the WCLF is available as a professional and neutral umbrella for events and publications. We support the identification and development of appropriate subjects, the recruitment of speakers and/or co-authors and help in organisational matters. At the same time, the WCLF is an ideal forum and effective multiplier for the accompanying public relations.

To become a member please use the online application form.